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Deluxe Heritage Massages

Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min. $600

Our most vigorous massage, it’s designed to relieve chronic muscle tension and stress, release endorphins and improve circulation. Medical studies have shown that this type of therapeutic massage can also lower blood pressure and heart rate. It will leave you feeling relaxed and revived.

Aromatherapy Massage – 60 min. $650

This gentler massage with long, fluid strokes incorporates fragrant essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers to naturally enhance the benefits of the treatment. You can choose one of three fragrant oil blends. It’s a treat for your senses and promotes harmony between body and mind.

Hot Stone Massage – 75 min. $750

Renowned for their healing capabilities, basalt stones polished smooth by time and nature can relieve tight muscles caused by stress, help remove toxins, and promote deep relaxation. They are heated then stroked on your body as part of a flowing massage, and placed on your stress points to melt away tension .

Exfoliation Massage – 60 min. $600

Experience an energizing full body massage that gently exfoliates with a lavender salt scrub to remove dry, dead cells. Topped off with a lavish lavender moisturizing crème, it leaves your skin feeling cleansed and silky and with a youthful, healthy glow.

Foot and Leg Massage – 60 min. $650

While your feet soak in a warm salt bath, our massage therapist will work out the kinks in your neck and shoulders. Next, your feet and legs will be massaged, exfoliated, and then dipped in warm, liquid paraffin wax to moisturize dry, cracked skin and ease aching feet. A final massage with hydrating crème will have you walking on air.

The ultimate indulgence, these two massages incorporate ingredients native to Mexico known throughout the ages to have healing properties.

Chocolate Massage – 75 min. $750

The rest of the world is catching up with what the Mayans knew: that chocolate is good for you. Coco-butter has fats that plump, firm, and hydrate your skin. It also contains minerals that support cell growth. Plus, the scent of chocolate releases endorphins that relax the body and mind. So treat your body and soul to this luscious chocolate-based massage.

Nopal Massage – 75 min. $750

Nopal is well-known for protecting against sun and environmental damage. Rich in vitamin C, it also helps remove toxins, reduce fluid retention to diminish the appearance of cellulite, tighten pores, and moisturize your skin. Our special massage with nopal-based oil and crèmes offers timeless benefits and will leave your skin soft and smooth.


With state-of-the-art equipment, advanced ingredients, and highly skilled technicians, our specialized facials will leave you radiant. And as an added bonus, all of our facials include shoulder, neck, and hand massages.

Deep Cleansing Facial – 70 min. $700

Designed to deliver cleansing and balancing benefits, this facial will leave you with a cleaner, fresher, and clearer skin.

Hydrating Facial – 60 min. $600

Offering supreme hydration, dryness and fine lines disappear to reveal a softer, suppler complexion.

Toning and Anti-Aging Facial – 60 min. $600

Want to look firmer and more youthful? This facial helps revitalize and repair skin and return it to a bright appearance.

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