Upcoming Events

Mineral de Pozos, known for many years as a "ghost town" with an abundance of ruins and abandoned mines, has recently been rediscovered . In addition to the mystical surroundings and colorful vistas available to artists and photographers, Mineral de Pozos offers other activities for day and overnight visitors at Hotel Posada de Las Minas.

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Besides the many talented local artisans, Mineral de Pozos is now attracting a diverse group of foreign artists, photographers and sculptors, who exhibit their art at Hotel Posada de Las Minas and in galleries located throughout Mineral de Pozos. Throughout the year there are numerous cultural and musical events, as well mine tours and home and garden tours. In addition to participating in the many local activities, the more adventurous travelers staying at Hotel Posada de Las Minas may choose to fill their day with a trip to a neighboring town or city to further acquaint themselves with the crafts, culture and history of Mexico.